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Medical College in Krgyzstan

Facts to choose the best medical college


Applicants who are choosing a medical college to study mbbs in Kyrgyzstan should consider the following factors, which provide a sound idea of the quality of medical education before deciding on a college for their admissions process. Although every student has their own preferences in choosing a medical college, there are some general factors that can help MBBS applicants and parents judge the quality of a medical college.

A number of MBBS seats:

The total number of MBBS seats in a medical college can also be used to determine the quality of a medical college. The National Medical Board (NEPC) has norms that specify the infrastructure, faculties, facilities, and resident doctors according to the number of seats. Medical colleges with 250 MBBS seats are considered the best medical colleges, which have the infrastructure and facilities that are good. 

Internship stipend:

While this is not an important factor in deciding which college to choose, many top-ranking applicants say that internship pay is the biggest advantage of attending a federal medical college, aside from the lack of obligation for compulsory service. After 4.5 years of study, you must complete a 1-year internship in a hospital. You will work in different departments, and during that time, you will be paid.

Travel amenities:

Availability of direct flights and distance from international airports may not be the major issues as far as the quality of education is concerned. However, this is an important point for the comfort of parents and students when they visit each other.

Practical knowledge:

If a student Study mbbs in Bangladesh, looking for a medical university with its own hospital and medical centre is always a good choice. It enables the medical students of that university to benefit from gaining clinical experience and practical knowledge and the opportunity to complete a clerkship in the university hospital.


Safety is an important tip when choosing a medical college when choosing an overseas destination to study. Remember that we are far from your homeland and in a different country. Studying and living in a country with a low crime rate will help you feel protected and comfortable with your parents.

Global Medical Foundation is an ISO 9001:2015 certified consultant for MBBS admissions for MBBS in the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Russia, and Bangladesh. There are many things to consider before choosing a medical college, be it in India or abroad; however, to make it easy and convenient for you to choose your ideal college and get one step closer to your ambitions.

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